Aanvii Hearing E-Gift(Instant Voucher)

Validity: 12 Months from the date of issue
Aanvii Hearing E-Gift(Instant Voucher)
Min: ₹500.00 Max: ₹10,000.00
Min: 1 Max: 10
Aanvii Hearing specializes in checking Hearing capacity with Pure Tone Audiometry & Tympanometry.Avail World Class Hearing Care Services with Professional Audiologists at 40+ Canters in India.
  • Customer must go to any of the Aanvii Hearing Offline Retail please find the link below
  • www.aanviihearing.com
  • Inform store manager on intent of using Aanvii Hearing Gift Card as payment mode
  • Once invoice is raised – Customer must be ready with card details – Card Number & Pin
  • Cashiers select Gift Card Menu in Pine Labs device – Select – Balance Enquiry – Inputs 16 Digit Card Number – System will validate the card details and display balance (merchant can also take print of charge slip)
  • Cashier must seek customers confirmation on amount to be redeemed – Selects Gift Card in menu bar – selects redeem option – Input 16 Digit Card number with PIN and amount to be redeemed – system will validate and redeem
  • On successful redemption – merchant must reduce redeemed amount from total invoice value - Customer must pay balance amount (if any) using another payment mode (Cash or Credit card) and settle invoice
  • Transaction gets completed on successful invoice settlement