What’s better than Even Chocolates on Chocolate Day?

Chocolate Day (even the name makes you want to drool in excitement!) is celebrated on February 9th, with a box of chocolates, of course. Make your bond stronger with the one you love with the only thing that is sweeter than love – chocolates. Do you know anyone who has the heart to refuse a box of gourmet chocolates? We don’t. How about making Chocolate Day truly special this year by deluging him or her with chocolates at every turn? Delicious, creamy chocolates are just another way to keep your love going, so keep it going!

How About A Gift Wrapped In A Chocolate?

It’s Chocolate Day, so be sure to get your love lots of chocolates as your Valentine’s Day gifts. However, if you want to make your intent known clearly, mere chocolates won’t do, gourmet or otherwise. So how about getting your love a Valentine gift card from a fantastic brand and inserting it into a box of delicious, creamy gourmet chocolates? Let him or her open the chocolate box and surprise of surprises! There’s a gift card inside, special for Valentines, which your love can redeem for a gift card or voucher from 100+ brands. So if you don’t know which brand he or she favours, no problems at all. Just get your dear one the special Valentine's Gift Card right now, and let them enjoy browsing various brands to redeem the card.

It’s All about Unlimited Choice & Instant Convenience

Here’s a Valentine’s Day gift for her! Make this Valentine’s Day a special day for your loved one by introducing him or her to the power of gift cards and e-gift cads. Gift them the absolute freedom of choosing their own gift from brands across categories such as fashion, dining, electronics, home needs, movies, travel and more. Show them the power of doing it instantly – it takes barely a few seconds to redeem your special Valentine’s Gift card for any gift card of your choice. No waiting, no inconvenient lines. What could be easier than that?