Gift Cards for Bhai Dooj

Gift Cards for Bhai Dooj

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Bhai Dooj Gifts Online

On Bhai Dooj, sisters offer prayers, asking for longevity and success for their brothers. It’s a truly altruistic occasion, when prayers are said not for one’s own benefit, but for one’s sibling. The women of North India perform a colorful Tikka ceremony on Bhai Dooj; a tray containing sweets, flowers, lit incense and red vermillion is offered to the brother, and a glorious red dot is applied to his forehead. It’s a touching, heart-warming function that stands for sibling devotion..

Brothers, Think Of Some Cool Bhai Dooj Gifts For Your Sister!

With all that fuss over you, there’s absolutely no doubt as to who the hero of the moment is! But brothers, take a pause and listen. It is customary for brothers to offer gifts to their sisters. Don’t offer her a gift as a gesture – make a serious effort to please her. Consider a Bhai Dooj hamper, lined in velvet and filled with her favorite flowers. You can place your gift right in the middle of the flowers to make a lovely presentation.

What Bhai Dooj Gifts Will Your Brother Appreciate The Most?

Bhai Dooj gifts work both ways. Brothers gift their sisters something they love and the sisters reciprocate by gifting their brothers something they cherish. Now’s your chance, girls, to outdo your brothers with your Bhai Dooj gift ideas. Pay close attention to your brother’s likes in the days leading up to Bhai Dooj. Make a list of gift ideas and come up with best gifts for Bhai Dooj!

Check Out These Cool Gift Cards For Bhai Dooj!

If your brother loves fashion, opt for a fashion gift card from Levi’s, Arrow, Izod and Flying Machine. If he loves his smart devices, then get him a gift card from Amazon, Flipkart, Croma or Big Bazaar. It’s as easy as that. He will love you for your thoughtfulness in letting him pick out the gifts he’ll enjoy the most.
By the way, if you’re concerned that a gift card may not be impress the way a physical gift would, don’t worry. Go ahead and select one of our cool gift card wrapping options while purchasing your gift card. Be sure to include a personal message of love as well. When the gift card arrives, just place the colorful package in the middle of the flower and sweet gift hamper and present it to your sister or brother. He or she will be thrilled beyond words!