Gift Cards for Holi

Gift Cards for Holi

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Holi -The Festival of Colours

Holi – India’s most colorful, most vibrant and dynamic festival. The sheer electricity of this festival throbs in the air, as glittering colors are thrown on one’s friends and families as joyous shouts of ‘holi hai’ rent the air. Tall glasses of ‘bhang’ are drunk and housewives crush almonds busily to make more badam milk drinks. Holi is celebrated to mark the victory of good over evil. For us, it’s the festival to let loose and ruin our clothes, because that’s what we’re supposed to do! Holi is also the day when old quarrels are laid to rest; rubbing color on your enemy’s face is the extent of revenge you’re allowed!

Top Holi Gifts For Your Loved Ones This Year!

The best holi gifts are those that make your dear ones happy. Traditionally, gifts of clothing and sweets are exchanged. One set of clothing gets ruined with all the colors, so the gift of new clothes is always appreciated. As with all Indian festivals, jewelry and watches are a great match for holi gift ideas.

Gift Cards Make The Best Gifts For Holi

Buying gifts for those you love is not easy. There’s always the concern of disappointing them. So whether it’s new clothes, new jewelry, watches, or a smartphone, your best gifts for holi must be appreciated. Ensure that appreciation by opting for gift cards. This way, you can still get the enjoyment of gifting something fabulous while your recipient can choose their own gifts. There’s another important consideration: if you’re traveling or if you’re abroad, sending gift cards home is the best way to ensure your loved ones feel your presence. Gift couriering is an expensive business; gift cards are the perfect gifting answer.

Best Gift Cards for Holi

Speaking of latest smartphones, they have those at Croma, Flipkart, Amazon, and Big Bazaar among other places. Holi gift cards from these brands would be ideal if you want to make this generous gift to your family. Who knows, your family might pick up a few odds and ends during their shopping trip! For a fashionitsta, you cannot go wrong with Lifestyle e-gift cards or Shoppers Stop e-gift cards. Purchase gift cards from Candere or CaratLane for jewelry and Fastrack or Helios for watches.