The Lohri festival marks the passing of the cold Punjab winter, and the coming of the harvest along with the warmth of the golden sun. The people dream of a fruitful, satisfying harvest of the golden wheat growing in their fields and celebrate. Lohri in Punjab is a colorful festival. There wicked bonfires lighting every lawn, and tall glasses of lassi or beer in every hand. Samosas burst with stuffing, and gala feasts are thrown for families and friends. Gifts are given and received, and people want feel good about themselves and the world.

Look For Meaningful Lohri Gifts

Doesn’t it feel great to be invited for Lohri celebrations in someone’s home? Savoring delectable dishes and dancing around the bonfire on a dark night – just splendid. You cannot go empty handed, of course. Your gift can be traditional, must be pleasing, and be something that represents the spirit of Lohri. You want to develop lasting relationships through your gift, so it must also be of excellent quality and value.

Look For Traditional And Significant Lohri Gifts

Lohri is a very special occasion for a newly-married couple, as it is celebrated with great pomp in their home. Many people get married just before Lohri so that they can celebrate it jointly. A Lohri gift is seen by a new couple as a blessing for their married life. That means a new stove or footwear will not be considered appropriate. Your gift must be something that the new couple will preserve for a long time and hold special over others. So what you need to do is look for a gift that’s traditional while being significant to a new married life.

Why Not Consider Lohri Gift Cards?

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