It’s Time For Navratri Gifts Again!

The Navratri Festival is one of the most auspicious festivals in India. It occurs two times in a year. The word ‘Navratri’ literally means ‘nine days’. So for nine full days, people celebrate Navratri by worshipping different deities in beautifully-decorated mandaps and pandals. Colorful lights are strung, and idols of Goddess Durga are installed in every home. It’s time to be with the family again, to eat fabulous food and gorge on sweets. It’s time again to think up creative Navratri gifts with which to charm and delight the ones you love.On one of the nine days, many people perform the Kanya Pooja ritual, or worship of virgin girls. On this occasion young girls are treated to new clothes and gifts, and fed on choice tidbits. Girls love trendy fashion accessories, which make excellent Kanya Pooja gifts. Think of makeup, fashion clothing, jewelry, books, music, movies and other Navratri gift ideas that’ll make young girls happy.

Get Creative Navratri Gifts For Your Loved Ones This Year!

Think creative gifts; though people love something conventional at this time of the year, you can change things up a bit. Consider puzzles, games, and pocket friendly treats. Navratri has nine gifting occasions in it, so choose gifts that fit the occasions. For example, prayers are offered to Saraswathi, the goddess of learning, on one of the nine days. It’s the perfect occasion to gift young kids some great books and educational movies. Think sweets and new clothes and jewelry as Durga Pooja gifts for the ladies at home.

Our Ideas For Top Durga Puja Gifts For Your Family

If you’re running out of gift ideas or if you’re feeling rushed, why not opt for gift cards this Navratri? Let your loved ones choose their own gifts. Pick up gift cards from brands that offer a plethora of products in various genres and your job’s done. Make this occasion perfect with gift cards from Croma, Vivek's, Amazon or Flipkart so your family can pick up some cool electronic items or appliances for the family. Likewise, select gift cards from Sapna Book Store or Amazon for the young ones who love books. Check out all the cool Navratri gift cards on our site. Make this the most special Nine Days Festival ever for your family and friends.