Gift Cards for Pongal

Gift Cards for Pongal

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Pongal is that festival that brightens up our lives with hope and dreams for a new year. The harvest is done and over with and there’s plenty everywhere. It’s a time to rejoice with family, paint the cows, attend cultural performances, buy new clothes, exchange gifts and generally celebrate life.

Perfect Pongal Gifts For Your Loved Ones This Year!

Pongal is all about new beginnings, plentiful food and plenty in everything. Fabulous new clothes are a wonderful gift for Pongal, as they represent freshness and new beginnings. Jewellery represents wealth, also a great favourite for Pongal gifts. March and April are when kids have to shine in their academics, so Pongal is a great time to gift them electronic learning aids, new books and so on. Food is always a good Pongal gift, also in tune with the plentiful harvest theme, so gifting a meal at a great restaurant is a good idea. There are so many gifts to give and receive during Pongal, while staying true to the significance of the occasion.

Outside-The-Box Ideas For Pongal Gifts

Everyone longs to be at home with their loved ones during festive occasions. Sometimes that’s just not possible as you might be traveling. Again, even if you’re at home, it’s hard to purchase the perfect gift for everyone. You’ll make some people happy and leave some dissatisfied with your gifting choices. Plus, where’s the time at the beginning of the new year, with new projects and such to go around buying gifts? When you consider all these aspects, you’ll see why gift cards are such a sensible, though slightly outside-the-box Pongal gift ideas.

The Perfect Gift Cards For Pongal!

Order gift cards for fashion, jewellery, fashion accessories, learning aids, electronics, and books without moving from your chair. Yes, you got it right. Sit back, relax, pick and choose and then look some more. Go ahead and order gift cards from Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle, CaratLane, Big Bazaar, Myntra, US Polo Association and several other brands. Let your family browse the latest fashions, jewellery, shoes, scarves, bags, books and electronics and select what they want the most. Take your time to play around with the gifting options, the e-gift card templates and think up fun messages to pen for your Pongal gift cards. Have fun shopping for gift cards for your loved ones and imagining the smiles on their faces! That’s our gift to you!