Cosy up Together, It’s Teddy Day Today!

Celebrated on February 10th, this special day celebrates the love that the fairer sex has for cuddly and adorable stuffed toys. Every little girl loves her cosy teddies, and every woman has a special corner in her heart for cosy stuffed toys. So what joy, when you present the cosiest and sweetest and cuddliest teddy to your darling girl on this special Teddy Day? What better gift for your little girl or for your lover than to hold your teddy gift close to her and drift off to sleep, knowing that you’ll keep all your promises?

Why A Teddy?

Ask any girl and she’ll tell you why. A teddy brings back the memories of childhood, memories of being tucked into bed by daddy with a soft and cuddly teddy bear. A teddy represents security and love. The teddy is a representation of your love and protection for your darling; it’s your way of telling her that you’ll always be there for her, and will always take care of her. A teddy means all these things, though it’s no more than a stuffed toy at the most.

Make Your Teddy Carry a Special Gift This Valentine’s Day!

Now here’s the cosy deal – give your loved one a lovely stuffed teddy but with a small change. Order a special Valentine’s Gift Card from us today so it’ll be there in time for you to hang it around teddy’s neck as your extra gift to her. That’ll be two and not one Teddy Day gifts for your darling this year and won’t she love it! A gift card, or an e-gift card opens the door to a plethora of possibilities. The special Woohoo Valentine’s Day Gift Card can be redeemed on or Woohoo app for gift cards from more than 100 brands. If you’re sure of which brand she likes, go right ahead and order a gift card or e-gift card from that brand. Choose a pretty template for your e-gift card such as flowers or hearts and print it out and hang it around teddy’s neck. What fabulous Valentine gifts for girlfriend!