Hello LOVE-ly folks! Calm Dev here. The month of love is here, and I know you would be running around looking for gifts for your special person for Valentine’s day. I also know it is easy for you to get distracted by all those typical gifting choices that flood the market around this time. But it is time to open your eyes, lovely beings. It is the year 2020. No one wants that pink teddy bear anymore - the one that squeaks “I-love-you” when you press it. Come on now, just step away and run far from these clichéd gifts of soft toys and heart shaped chocolate boxes.

Don’t panic yet. The ultimate love guru is here to let you be calm, and gift in peace. It is time to gift GREAT CHOICES to your loved ones. Treat them to amazing gift cards that they would LOVE and cherish! With WOOHOO GIFT CARDS, let them choose their own gift-from a choice of over 100 top brands across every category one would want! The way the saying goes, ‘if you love something, set it free’ - my disciples believe that ‘if you love someone, gift them the freedom of choice! ’

  • Your love can choose their own perfect gift! No more guessing and head scratching.
  • Lets them pick from biggest brands, across categories, and unlimited products. You see, you can’t go wrong with the gift.
  • Keep calm and gift instantly via the app or web. Even if you remember at the last minute.
  • A word, paragraph or haiku -you can add your personal touch to the gift cards. Minimal effort required.
  • Pool-in or gift as a gang (not for your sweetheart, of course.)