Verify Driver E-Gift (Instant Voucher)

Validity: 90 Days from the date of activation
Verify Driver E-Gift (Instant Voucher)
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Min: 1 Max: 10
Helloverify is a leading background screening company in India. We provide a compliant & robust background screening process to help large enterprises, small businesses, startup’s and individuals to build successful relationships with their applicants based on trust and safety.
  • To start the process of verification send Redeem now to: +1 (415) 792-4931.
  • On the WhatsApp Chat you need to enter Card Number and Pin in the manner shown in example sent by Hellov in WhatsApp chat
  • Once you have shared the right code, you will receive the list of services available as per the value/cost of Redemption Code. To select a service, you can simply reply with the S.No. of service. For example: if you want to avail the service “Verify Anyone” on 4th number you can simply reply “4” in the chat.
  • Now Hellov will ask for necessary details and consent.
  • Once consent is received Hellov will send message to whom the user wants to verify for further processing.
  • Now you will see list of valid ID(s) that can be used to complete the process.
  • You need to select the available documents and upload them.
  • Once documents are uploaded Hellov will ask for consent (customer need to click on link to confirm).
  • After receiving the consent Hellov will share the report and order ID within same WhatsApp chat