HopInTown PLUS 1 Year Lifestyle Membership E-Gift Card (Instant Voucher)

Validity: 90 days from the date of issue
HopInTown PLUS 1 Year Lifestyle Membership E-Gift Card (Instant Voucher)
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About HopInTown
HopInTown is a Lifestyle Hub to discover & book ONLINE, AT-HOME, LOCAL and TRAVEL Experiences, Activities & Trips all year round. It is a platform for experiences, activities & trips that one CAN DO online, at-home, within the city, nearby city, within the country and outside the country, ACROSS MULTIPLE CATEGORIES like Celebration, Romance, Entertainment, Events, Dine & Wine, Sports, Adventure, City-cation, Getaway, Cruise, Vacation Rentals, Wildlife, Experiential Trips, Health, Fitness, Wellness, Hobbies, Lifestyle Workshops, At-Home Medical Services etc, THROUGHOUT THE YEAR.
[Note: AT-HOME & LOCAL Experiences are available only in Mumbai & Pune at this point of time. They will be available in other cities in the coming months]

HopInTown PLUS 1 Year Lifestyle Membership
HopInTown PLUS is a first-of-its-kind lifestyle membership in India. It provides unlimited access to an unrivaled package of exclusive LIFESTYLE benefits & privileges along with preferential prices for ONLINE, AT-HOME, LOCAL & TRAVEL experiences, activities, trips & bespoke services all year round.
It is a perfect “personal gift” for you, for a loved one, or as a “corporate gift” for clients, channel partners, employees, leadership teams etc, or as an “annual gift” for members of clubs or associations. Shift from mundane to magical & gift a “lifestyle membership” to elevate every aspect of life, to create stories & make memories in life.

Membership Benefits & Privileges
• 1 Year “PLUS Lifestyle Membership” For Entire Family (i.e. One membership that covers your entire family including you, spouse, children and parents)
• 365 Days “Member Concierge” (i.e. One-point contact for all your queries & bookings, for your convenience and comfort, all year round)
• 5% to 15% "Preferential Prices” (i.e. Member exclusive prices 5% to 15% cheaper than online & market prices for bookings, across 25+ categories of experiences, activities & trips)
• 1 Time "Joining Benefits" (i.e. INR 1500 credit to your HopInTown account, complimentary 3 months membership extension, steal deals saving up to INR 20000 upon joining)
• 25+ "ONLINE, AT-HOME, LOCAL & TRAVEL” Categories (i.e. Book lifestyle experiences, activities & trips that can be done online, at-home, within the city, near the city, within the country & outside the country, across 25+ categories)
• 30+ "Exclusive Benefits" (i.e. Wide range of member-exclusive benefits, across various lifestyle services, to elevate every aspect of life for the entire family)
• 12 Times "Personal Attention" (i.e. Once every month, you will get 8-10 innovative options to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, special occasion, special day, festivals etc with your loved ones)
• 12 Times "Lifestyle Recommendations" (i.e. Once every month, you will get 8-10 new options for quality activities for self, spouse, kids, parents, family, friends)
• 12 Times “Participating Lifestyle Brand Discount” (i.e. Once every month, you will get super discounts from many partner lifestyle brands, across various lifestyle services)

Important Links
Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pi_tz549vGk
Playbook: https://bit.ly/HIT_PLUS_V3
FAQs: https://bit.ly/HIT_PLUS_FAQ_V2

[Note: Discounted membership prices are being offered only for a limited duration]
  • Once you buy this e-card, you will get an email with 16 digit card number & 6 digit pin
  • The e-card has to be redeemed on HopInTown website or mobile site to become a member & avail of membership benefits for the entire membership duration
  • Login to www.hopintown.com/redeem
  • Enter 16 digit Card Number and 6 digit PIN, click on “Check Validity”
  • Enter Member Details like Name, Mobile Number and Email ID etc, click on “Redeem”
  • On successful redemption, the HopInTown membership helpdesk team will connect with you and get you started with the membership
  • The membership start dates are generally 1st / 11th / 21st of any month. You will be assigned the membership start date closest to redemption date
  • In case you have bought a Pack of 2, 3 or 5 memberships, you can share the details with the membership helpdesk team, so that the same can be gifted to the concerned persons(s) as per your requirement
  • For any queries, email to members@hopintown.com or whatsapp message on exclusive member concierge +91-7506602080