WoW! ICE CREAM SUNDAE - Death by Chocolate by Polar Bear

WoW! ICE CREAM SUNDAE - Death by Chocolate by Polar Bear
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WoW! Death by Chocolate A.k.a DBC by Polar Bear

Which is that dish which makes it to every chocoholic’s wishlist? It is definitely the ‘Death By chocolate’ sundae. This ‘death’ is feared by none and loved by each one, making it a perfect offering to please the hearts of your loved ones. The deadly combination of dark chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream, topped with hot chocolate fudge, nuts, and honey is not just a treat for your tummy but your eyes and nose as well.
Each bite of Icecream is carefully crafted with love and passion, with innovation at the heart of creation. No matter what your taste buds crave, Polar Bear has it all for all. Enjoy an exquisite chocolaty trip to the world of scrumptious Polar Bear sundaes with your loved ones. If you want to play safe and ensure the smile on your giftee’s face, the Polar Bear e-gift is the one for you. Polar Bear offers unlimited flavours for different moods and taste buds, so if your giftee is craving for anything but death by chocolate then don't worry they can redeem the e-gift for any ice cream of their choice
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