Polaroid E-Gift (Instant Voucher)

Validity: 365 days from the date of issue
Polaroid E-Gift (Instant Voucher)
Min: ₹500.00 Max: ₹20,000.00
Min: 1 Max: 10
Polaroid safety goggles provides complete protection to eyes from dust, dirt, splash, pollution, flying objects, harmful UV rays. Unlike other googles, polaroid safety glasses are comfortable to wear for long hours and provides maximum freedom of movement. Ideal for both professional and personal use. Can be used in science laboratory to protect eyes from chemical splash, fumes, and any hazardous material. Ideal for industrial use i.e. medical, construction sites, welding, chemical factories, and any type of manufacturing plants where your eyes get exposed.
  • Customer comes to https://polaroidforyou.com
  • Selects merchandise
  • Reaches checkout page
  • Selects gift card as a mode for payment
  • Submits gift card details
  • Clicks redemption button
  • System validates the card from back end
  • Customer receives confirmation of redemption
  • In case of the total bill value goes higher than GC Redemption value, customer is requested to opt for other mode of payment like credit / debit / wallet etc. for balance payment.