How To Celebrate Propose Day?

If you are planning to confess your love to your darling, then do it on February 8th, Propose Day. If you’ve been hiding away, feeling too shy to say anything to him or her so far, then this is YOUR DAY. Plan a special proposal and be sure to get him or her plenty of flowers and then pop the question – whatever your question may be.
Propose Day was created as a way to give people the courage to ask for each other’s hand in marriage. So even if your courage has failed you on other days, know that he or she will be expecting something special on this very special day. So, make it special for your darling and say those magical words which drive away all doubts and ails.

Do It With Propose Day Gifts for Greater Impact!

You cannot propose with empty hands! No, that would be totally wrong. Since there’s not that much time, we suggest buying your darling a generous Valentine e-gift from a brand that he or she is crazy about. Before you propose, make the purchase on your smartphone and watch her or him receive an email from us enclosing her wonderful e-gift card. Watch your loved one’s face light up with a million joys while she or he spies the wonderful gift you’ve given.
If you’re concerned about which brand to select, don’t worry. We have a brand to choose everyone’s taste, whether it’s fashion, electronics, movies, travel experiences and more. How about giving your honey an e-gift card for a joint trip to some exotic location via Cleartrip? Wouldn’t that be fantastic? Propose Day will be the most significant day of your life. Go all out and make it the most memorable day of your life as well with our e-gift card options. You won’t regret it for a second!